Senior’s Learning in the Digital Society

The project focuses on elderly students and older people in general to improve and develop their digital skills and knowledge. They need special education and training in many fields for a more flexible use of ICT in their daily life and for an active citizenship. Many of them are afraid of digital communication with government agencies, digital and technical equipment at home, new ICT programs and work on Internet because of security threats. To make them more flexible in their daily life and in the digital society they need new experiences and new technical skills. Two main groups of elderly get especially involved in the project: the elderly students who will play a role as advisors and the elderly who have hardly used ICT and DT before the project and need encouragement and training.

The main objectives are open education and innovative practices in a digital era, focusing on improving and extending high quality learning opportunities for digital technologies and ICT, tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults.