Dresden project meeting

From 22 till 25 September 2021 the partners met in Dresden for the first project meeting on location since the outbreak of the Corona pandemie.

The following subjects were discussed:

– Deadlines from Wroclaw and online meetings in 2020/21.
– Preliminary project report: Summary from the realised meetings in 2019 – 2021.
– Project plans for the year 2021/22
– Dissemination of the project
– Project Booklet
– Evaluation of the questionnaire

The project meeting was rounded off with a workshop “New methods and programs in ICT learning for older adults”, with the following presentations:

Dresden: Evaluation of the questionnaire and a contribution on two special topics (telemedicine and banking).
Magdeburg: Media courses in OvGU’s “Study from 50” programme – insights into practice the students of the media courses
Wroclaw: Experience about the SeLiD project
Uppsala: Skip the computer – welcome to the Digital Society
Bratislava: Using new technologies in learning at UTA
Brno: Experience about the SeLiD project
Chemnitz: Experience about the SeLiD project
Alicante: New methods in ICT learning created within SeLiD and pandemic time
Project participants voluntary working on the project SeLiD


Using new technologies in learning at UTA Bratislava Dana Havranova
UTA Wroclaw Anna Godzdowski
The University of the Third Age at the Wrocław University during the pandemic – academic year 2020/2021 Dr Magdalena Wnuk Olenicz pdf-format
Will the Corona crises alter public opinion? IJda Blüm Groningen PP-Presentation Text (pdf)
UPUA Alicante – New Methods in ICT Learning pdf format
Seniorenkolleg TU Chemnitz – Use of digital technologies by older people
Presentation Uppsala
Presentation Magdeburg
Presentation Brno
Experiences Brno
Presentation Auriol Ainley