Online meeting 23 June 2021


11:00 Opening and welcome words

11:05 – Progress report – presentations of new results from the project partners, presentation of Good practices

12.30 – Presentation of the activities focusing on Digitalisation and the skills of seniors in EFOS institutions (Groningen, Third Age Trust, Austria, Czech Republic – Plzeň, etc.)

13.00 Break

13.30 – Presentation of the final results from the questionnaires from all institutions, information about the progress

13.45 – Project Booklet – content, working group (Björn Odin, Katarina Grunwald, Roland Schöne, Marian Aleson, Nadezda Hrapkova),

14.05 – SELID Finances

Discussion – Miscellaneous

15.00 – Closure

Main topics :
– Analyses (A6) of collected data for the Review table.
– Search for other elderly not skilled yet in using ICT.
– Workshop: New methods and programs in ICT learning for the elderly” (A8). Good practices, needed digital skills, key methodologies, Contacts in the communities (A10),
Best practices for solving problems in the digital society (A14) and Internet of things, social media and digital security.


Dresden: Organization of online events (pdf format)
Brno: Computer Literacy Courses (pdf format)
Bratislava: Progress report for 2021 (pdf format)
Worclaw: Progress Report (pdf format)